AI model exposes Hollywood’s bias against actresses

While the technology world and the US political institution grapple with how to deal with incumbent gender discrimination, Hollywood’s seemingly gotten a pass on the matter. But a new study out of London indicates Tinsel Town may be just as bad as Silicon Valley and the US Senate. Researchers from Queen Mary University recently developed […]

HTC’s launches Vive Pro Eye in North America at a massive discount

HTC today launched its latest and greatest virtual reality headset, the Vive Pro Eye, to the North American market. The new device features Tobii eye-tracking, which gives the headset two keen features: users can navigate menus just by looking at things, and foveated rendering. Navigating menus, selecting items, or even triggering animations by making eye […]

5 of the smartest people in AI teamed up to make awesome robots

An all-star team consisting of five of the brightest minds in AI today revealed the launch of Robust.AI, a new startup devoted to revolutionizing the robotics industry. According to a job posting on the company’s website, the company intends to create robots that can navigate the real world with actual autonomy: Current robots are extremely limited, […]