Google Search indexing appears broken, not showing new results

Just as new web pages are constantly being created, so too is Google constantly indexing these pages to improve their Search results. However, this morning, it seems as though Google’s search indexing has stopped, meaning no new results are appearing in Google Search. more… The post Google Search indexing appears broken, not showing new results […]

EE launching the first UK 5G network on May 30

We’re officially eight days away from the first commercially available 5G network in the UK. Out of EE announced its ready to launch its next generation network on May 30, beating rival telecom Vodafone who scheduled its 5G launch for July 3. The EE 5G network will be live in six cities at launch – […]

Firefox Gets Huge Speed Boost

A new ‘just-in-time’ strategy means the browser delays many operations so that it starts up more quickly. (CCM) — The latest version of the Firefox browser is bursting out of the blocks and promises users massive performance gains, Marissa Wood, Firefox’s vice president of product management, is pledging. Mozilla’s developers have been concentrating on optimizing […]