The Nokia 2.2 is a €99 Android One phone I’d buy my mum

HMD Global, the company licensing the iconic Nokia marque, today announced it’s latest entry-level handset, the Nokia 2.2, which will retail for €99 (about $110). The Nokia 2.2 is an interesting duck, as it doesn’t seem overtly compromised. Sure, it’s not exactly blazing fast, but its internals should be eminently able to handle the rigors […]

Why does macOS Catalina use Zsh instead of Bash? Licensing

Yesterday, at its WWDC developer conference, Apple unveiled the latest version of the MacOS operating system. Codenamed Catalina, it’s a fairly significant update for the platform, not least because of the changes that have taken place under the hood. Take, for example, the default shell, which has been migrated from Bash to Zsh. Oh shit! […]

The Apple Xserve lives on (kinda) in the rack-mountable Mac Pro

This year’s WWDC conference was probably the most memorable in years, and it’s all because of three little words: The Mac Pro. This modular, extensible machine is strongly reminiscent of the Power Mac G5 (remember that?) and is easily the most powerful Apple computer money (can’t yet) buy. This machine, which boasts tremendous CPU and […]

SwiftUI is an expressive UI framework for iOS, MacOS, and more

Apple launched its Swift programming language almost five years ago. It was designed to supplant Objective-C with something that’s powerful, expressive, and crucially, as easy for beginners to grasp as Python. While it largely succeeded, one hindrance was the underlying MacOS and iOS APIs, which weren’t nearly as intuitive. Enter SwiftUI, which is Apple’s newest […]