Game Of Thrones Series Finale Breaks Records

HBO’s Game of Thrones has set a lot of records over its run. As the series got more and more popular year after year, it would regularly break viewing records for season premieres and finales. And now with Sunday’s last episode of the series, one would expect that it would break all previous records, and […]

The USPS is testing self-driving trucks

The USPS is toying with the idea of hauling mail and packages across the country with the help of self-driving trucks. It has awarded San Diego self-driving truck company TuSimple with a contract for a two-week pilot. The company’s vehicles will perform five round trips while hauling USPS trailers. These trips will cover 1,000 miles […]

Sony XB900N Headphones

Sony’s XB or Extra Bass lineup of headphones are seen as a competitor to the popular Beats headphones. They deliver deeper bass with great sound quality. The company has now unveiled a new pair of wireless headphones, the XB900N, to further compete with the Beats variety. The new XB900N have a cool style that’s similar […]

New Google Glass lasts longer and runs on Android

Google’s new version of Glass is for workers, not the average joe. This is the third generation of Google Glass. Google has introduced Glass Enterprise Edition 2 eyewear. It mostly sticks to the familiar formula on the outside but inside is a different story. It is more powerful in hardware and software and “built on […]

Minecraft Sells Over 176 Million Copies

Minecraft has been doing very well for itself for a long time now. It is still selling a huge number of copies around the world. Microsoft has now released the latest sales figures for the title. Over 176 million copies of Minecraft have been sold across the globe, according to Microsoft. That’s an impressive leap […]

Call of Duty Black Ops 5 may arrive in 2020

Activision’s Call of Duty release schedule has always been the same for years. The company has rotated between three studios, with Treyarch giving us a Black Ops game every three years like clockwork. They are always on time with this schedule. However, there may be a shakeup in 2020. Some sources are claiming that Activision […]

Japan Needs Longer Phone Numbers

Japan’s communications ministry has concerns that the company’s 11 digit phone numbers could run out by 2022, so it is planning to create 14 digit phone numbers. It would be able to create 10 billion new numbers by moving up to 14 digits. The proposal has apparently been approved already by the country’s largest mobile […]