This smartphone app could change the way we treat eating disorders

A new smartphone app promises to help anorexia sufferers learn to eat again. “Anorexic patients can normalize their eating rate by adjusting food intake to feedback from a smartphone app,” says Professor Per Sodersten, lead author of a recent study on the matter published in Frontiers in Neuroscience. “And in contrast to failing standard treatments, most […]

Apple just registered 7 laptop models we might see this fall

Apple has registered seven unreleased Mac models with the Eurasian Economic Commission today. These models, first spotted by MacRumors, are all described as “portable” computers, making it increasingly likely that each belongs to a new MacBook that could arrive in the next couple of months. The filings contain no information about the new models, beyond […]

The frontline of the abortion battle isn’t in Alabama, it’s online

As the legislative noose draws tighter around women’s necks, it’s centuries-old technology, or modern adaptation of it anyway, that could provide some much-needed breathing room. After Louisiana and Georgia recently joined the ranks of states passing so-called “heartbeat bills” — legislative bans and restrictions on safe abortion for women housing an embryo after approximately six […]