Spotify Free Service Caught Dropping Malware on User Browsers

MANY SPOTIFY USERS ARE COMPLAINING THAT ITS FREEMIUM SERVICE IS INFECTING THEIR BROWSERS WITH MALWARE. Last year, the music and video streaming giant Spotify was in the bad news when Russian hackers were suspected to have hacked some of its users’ accounts or when the company’s CEO Daniel Ek apologized for collecting private dataof its users. But now, a number of Spotify […]

Cisco Battles Shadow Broker Exploits

Cisco has swung into action to combat a hacker group’s exploitation of vulnerabilities in its firmware. The group, known as the “Shadow Brokers,” released online malware and other exploits it claimed to have stolen from the Equation Group, which is believed to have ties to the United States National Security Agency. Cisco earlier this month […]

Surviving the Internet’s Troll Apocalypse

Social media has sharpened humans’ age-old appetite for public shaming, providing a stage and unlimited seating for a seemingly unending stream of immorality plays. Those who share even the simplest identifying details about themselves are vulnerable to being pushed into the glare of the spotlight. The anonymity the Internet provides frees many individuals of the […]

Hacking Elections Is Easy, Study Finds

question whether hackers will influence the 2016 elections in the United States — only how much they’ll be able to sway them. Leaked emails already have cost a Democratic Party chairperson her job, and the FBI last month issued a flash warning that foreign cyberadversaries had breached two state election databases. Those two states — […]