Twitter ranked most-preferred social media platform for B2B marketing, Instagram for image-based content: Report


Instagram garners 75 percent brand approval over Facebook and Twitter.

From being a social media platform essentially, Instagram has over the time scaled up to position itself as one of the primary platforms for marketers and influencers. Going by analytics, 75 percent of marketers prefer Instagram over Twitter and Facebook for sharing image-based content. On the other hand, Twitter is seen most preferred for B2B (Business-to-Business) marketing with 47 percent marketer acceptance.

According to latest reports released by Pulp Strategy, the two of the early social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook have got brand approval ratings of 63 percent and 56 percent respectively for sharing image-based content. The report also outlines that a user-generated content garners more acceptance and instill more trust among social media users with 76 percent of users surveyed as compared to a brand-generated content.

Also, image-based content generates the highest engagement in online marketing observing a record 55 percent of the overall engagement. While clickable links or posts see 24 percent engagement and videos clock 12 percent.  Talking about the links, the highest number of links as per the report are shared by users on LinkedIn. These links posted on the social media platform for professionals, observe 76 percent of the overall engagement volume. ALSO READ:  Tinder offers this couple on a dream date for keeping up a joke for 3 years

Notably, these percentage of engagement is followed by B2B marketers and brands approaching unconventional ways rather than mailers and other B2B schemes. The survey conducted by Pulp Strategy is based on extensive analysis of more than 7.5 million posts across various platforms. Primarily, Facebook and Twitter see a lot of brand promotions and testimonial content. The report citing examples of top-rated brands also highlights how a division of body text with engaging images compel users to finish going through the whole post.



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