Taiwanese woman divorces husband for ignoring her text messages


The woman showed the district judge a history of her messages with her husband where he ignored her texts from the most critical situations.

What would you consider a legitimate reason for divorce? Incompatibility, or may be infidelity, right? This probably doesn’t even fall in this woman’s list of reasons, who divorced her husband for ignoring her text messages. A Taiwanese woman seeking a divorce has used text messages as evidence against her husband, who she claimed ignored her.

The woman, who goes by the name Mrs Lin, showed her Line Messenger history, showing proof that her husband had been distant in their marriage. She says the messages were sent and read, but the husband did not care to reply her.

As reported by Honey Nine, Judge Kao, who agreed that the messages played an integral role in the decision to grant Mrs Lin a divorce from her husband of five years, noted, “Now internet communication is very common, so these can be used as evidence. In the past, we needed written hardcopy evidence.” ALSO READ: Man loses his 20-year-old account for his unusual ‘noreply’ email address



“A normal couple shouldn’t treat each other like that… The Line messages were a very important piece of evidence. It shows the overall state of the marriage… that the two parties don’t have good communication,” Mrs Lin said in Hsinchu district’s family affairs court, according to the publication. ALSO READ: US teen kills boyfriend in freak YouTube stunt; faces up to 10 years in prison

To be fair, the ignored messages over the course of six months were texts of her informing her husband that she had been in a car accident and admitted to hospital. She even texted him from the emergency room questioning why he was viewing but not replying to her distressed messages. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: Prada is selling a paperclip for $185, and Twitter has a more than beautiful reaction to it

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