Samsung will recover 157 tons rare metals and reuse components from the flamed Galaxy Note 7

Samsung puts an end to the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung will use recovered components from Galaxy Note 7 to repair other devices.

Samsung has announced it will recover around 157 tons of rare metals from the recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. The company takes this step towards minimizing the environmental impact of the toxins released from the flamed Note 7 smartphones.

According to Reuters, Samsung has plans to reuse smartphone components such as the camera modules, usable chips and displays as replacement parts on other smartphones or tablets sent in for repairs or sell them in the market. Even, environmental activists such as Greenpeace asked the company to recycle or recover the rare materials contained in the devices. The company will extract metals like cobalt, copper, gold, and silver from the smartphone components that cannot be reused or sold. Samsung has been exploring possibilities of recovering the best out of the damage Note 7 smartphones.

To recall, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 last year but soon complaints from users regarding the smartphone bursting into flames on its own began to surface. The increasing number of complaints and subsequent ban of use at airports across the world drew the company to a point where it had to recall all the Galaxy Note 7 from markets and customers.

In its independent investigation report, the company stated that it was the import of faulty batteries which set the premium phablet on fire. While other report suggested that it was the strict architecture of the smartphone which caused the battery to self-combust. Due to the strict architecture, the battery was unable to perform its normal expansion and contraction cycle and was leading the batteries to choke itself. ALSO READ: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to launch next month, CEO Gao Dongzhen confirms

Samsung incurred an estimated $5.4 billion of losses due to the withdrawal of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. It sold 3.06 million Note 7 smartphones before its final recall in October 2016. The recall of Galaxy Note 7 also left a dark spot on company’s global reputation. However, the Galaxy S8 series smartphones and the Note 7 Fan Edition launched this year by the company have been welcomed warmly by the fans. Earlier this month, the South Korean giant released 40,000 refurbished Galaxy Note 7 smartphones as the Galaxy Note Fan Editon in South Korea market for sale.



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