2017 Jaguar E-Pace: Here’s all that is geeky about this work of engineering


The baby SUV from Jaguar could be small in size, but comes with a list of technological equipment inside.

Jaguar marked its entry into the SUV segment with the F-Pace, and since then hasn’t looked back. The company is now gearing up for the launch of the smaller E-Pace SUV. And what better way to grab eyeballs than by creating a Guinness world record. The second SUV from Jaguar, the E-Pace, did a 270-degree barrel roll, and drove itself into the record books.

A closer look at the technology

The E-Pace comes with a 10-inch touchscreen (21:9 super-wide format with 1280×542 resolution) has a quad-core processor and an ultra fast Ethernet network as standard. It controls most of the vehicle functions and runs on JLR’s Incontrol system. The infotainment system helps users connect smartphones and access several apps including Spotify. In addition, the vehicle can be tracked, emergency services can be alerted in case of mishap and a tab can be put upon the fuel and mileage through a smartphone or smartwatch.

If that’s not enough, then Jaguar also offers an option of selecting from a 12.3 inch full-color digital TFT display for the instrument panel which includes 3D satellite navigation mapping. It features an intriguing ‘Arrival Mode’ which offers 360-degree interactive view of the destination when driver is 200 meters away from the destination.

The latest generation of HUD mode (heads up display) on the E-Pace streams a fairly large information block on the windshield with full color graphics.

The audio output is delivered through a choice of two premium systems developed with Meridian, including an advanced 825W Surround Sound system with 15 speakers. Connectivity is abound with 4 12V charging points, 5 USB connections and 4G Wi-Fi hotspot for connecting up to 8 devices.

Safety measures

The E-Pace features several safety and driver assist technologies. These include a stereo camera that underpins the autonomous braking system, pedestrian detection, traffic sign recognition, lane support recognition, intelligent speed limiter, driver condition monitor, as well as front and rear parking brakes. These features are standard across the range.

The same camera teams up with electric power assisted steering system and rear radars and identifies blind spots thereby reducing the danger of sideswipe collision on multi-lane roads.

Apart from the multiple airbags for passengers, it also has a pedestrian airbag which deploys from beneath the lower edge of the bonnet in case of a collision.

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