Translucent Google Feed page crops up on Pixel launcher, to replace Google Now: Report


The new feed is visible to multiple Google Pixel users and has slight differences from the previous version.

Google Feed is soon going to replace Google Now and back in June, the first images of the upcoming Google Feed pane emerged. However, back then, the new Feed page was spotted by just one user and as no other developments were seen, it was assumed that the update was still a while away and would eventually roll out to all users. While the original image showed a transparent new Feed, the latest leaks hint at something slightly different.

The new update has started rolling out to multiple users and many have been able to access it from the Pixel launcher. The previous launcher replaced the white background with a transparent background of the smartphone wallpaper with a black overlay. However, the latest images show more of a translucent design with a white background. However, it is a lot less transparent than the initial images that cropped up online. The wallpaper is hardly visible except for a tiny update. ALSO READ: Google Drive Backup and Sync lets you backup your entire computer: Here’s how it works

Users had also seen an interesting dual-pane setup previously, something Google seems to have ditched. The Google Feed page will now show the most important updates and link it to the users’ daily activities. The page, in terms of design, looks better put together and more compact than Google Now. Right on top are the Google logo and the Search bar. Below appear a host of information starting from the weather to reminders and upcoming flight/shipment updates (if any). If there’s nothing of importance, the page stays bare.

There is also a short-cut to the ‘upcoming’ section on the page. Right below the search, the user is presented with a host of search options ranging from weather, Eat & Drink, Entertainment, Food, Calculator and others. The actual Google app hasn’t changed though Google might integrate it with Google Feed with upcoming updates and for newer smartphones. The voice element in Google Now has been completely taken away from Feed and handed over to Google Assistant.

Google is yet to make an official announcement regarding the new update but as more and more features are rolling out to users, the announcement might not be too far off. As there have been discrepancies in the updates, Google has targeted the issue in the statement. Talking to Android Police, Google mentioned in the past, “The addition of Feed and Upcoming are now launched to a wide array of Android and iOS devices but is not currently available for a small subset of devices that have swipe access to the Feed from the home-screen. We look forward to sharing updates on this point soon.”



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