Apple iPhone 8 final design leaked


This could be what the iPhone would look like.

Though a bunch smartphones are expected to release this year, the rumors around the iPhone 8 have been unparalleled. From design leaks, to expected price of the smartphone, we have come across iPhone 8 leaks in abundance. However, we took all of it with a pinch of salt, because none of it actually came from the horse’s mouth. However, now, Gordon Kelly, a trusted Apple leakster, has shared a few iPhone 8 designs, which he claims to be the final and confirmed one.


“Working with case designer Nodus, I have been able to obtain CAD files for the iPhone 8 through its supply chain. We have rendered these to visualise the final design and I can confirm that, despite problems, fears Apple would fall back on a less ambitious ‘Plan B’ are unfounded.”

According to Kelly’s report, the anniversary iPhone will get rid of the chunky bezels, which we have been seeing on the current and the previous iPhones. “An elongated and enlarged 5.8-inch display will feature a cutout at the top for the front facing camera and sensors and it should mean notifications switch to a new ‘Function Area’ in iOS 11”. ALSO READ: Apple has been working on 3D facial recognition for a decade, new patent reveals


Further, Kelly’s renders also reveal that Apple may indeed replace the horizontal dual camera setup like the iPhone 7 Plus’ with a vertically aligned setup on the iPhone 8. This switch is to support Apple’s big drive into Augmented Reality where horizontally aligned cameras are more effective and the phone is expected to be held in a landscape orientation. ALSO READ: Apple iPhone 8 to feature 3D laser setup for AR apps and improved autofocus in camera: report

Besides, while the renders do not reveal that, Kelly’s report claims to confirm that the iPhone 8 will stick with the Lightning port, and will not switch to the USB Type-C port, as has been long rumored. The iPhone 8 will remain sans the 3.5mm audio jack. RELATED: Apple iOS 11 with ARKit to turn iPhones, iPads into ‘largest AR platform’: Is it the future of Mixed Reality?

However, the tipster points out the power button of the upcoming iPhone as the biggest talking point. Reportedly, Apple will almost double the size of the power button on the iPhone 8. While whether the Touch ID will be placed under the display or not is still a doubt, Kelly believed that Apple may use this larger button to integrate Touch ID into the power button itself, similar to what Sony does.

While Gordon Kelly is confident that this is the iPhone 8, some aspects of the anniversary edition iPhone remain a secret, like its battery capacity, considering 3,000mAh has become a standard now, the camera specifications, the A11 chipset performance, and how would it be priced like. RELATED: Apple iOS 11 with ARKit to turn iPhones, iPads into ‘largest AR platform’: Is it the future of Mixed Reality?



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